Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?

I mean, really…

If you were the President of the United States and one of your appointees had been forced to resign as a result of the agency-in-question’s inspector general’s report…

And then the same person was cited in a State Department inspector general report for the following offenses at a different agency…

– used resources to support his personal horse racing operation;

– requested the hiring of a personal friend as a contractor without the knowledge of other board members or staff, and signed invoices providing almost $250,000 in compensation even though the contractor provided no written reports or other supporting documentation required by the contract;

– requested and received compensation that exceeded the maximum allowed by law;

Would you…

A) Publicly distance yourself from obvious corruption?
B) Quietly distance yourself from obvious corruption?
or C) Reappoint the two-time loser?

Well, if you were George W. Bush, of course the answer is C.

And, in case you forget who Kenneth Tomlinson is, well, he’s the political appointee who used to head the CPB and, among quite a few other things, conducted a poll that was supposed to demonstrate liberal bias in public broadcasting. But, when the results showed that the vast majority of Americans disagree that PBS and NPR are overly biased, he refused to make public the taxpayer funded study.

Here’s a bit more from the Boston Globe article…

A report by the State Department’s inspector general, released Aug. 29, said Tomlinson misused government funds for two years as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Tomlinson disputed the allegations in the report.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Washington concluded that a criminal investigation was not warranted, according to the State Department report. At the same time, the report said a civil investigation related to charges that he had hired a friend as a contractor was pending.

Tomlinson signed invoices worth about $245,000 for a friend without the knowledge of other board members or staff, used the board’s office resources to support his private horse racing operation and overbilled the organization for his time, according to the report. On a few occasions, the report said, he billed for the same time worked on both the Broadcasting Board of Governors and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, on whose board he was a member until resigning in November 2005.

Three congressional Democrats — Reps. Howard Berman and Tom Lantos of California and Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut — have urged Bush to remove Tomlinson from the Broadcasting Board of Governors, arguing that there was no doubt that he had violated the public trust and the president’s own ethical standards.

Tomlinson’s tenure as chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was marked by charges that he promoted conservative programming…

[Thanks to Think Progress for the links, etc.]