Obama supporters at HLS rally for presidential hopeful
Harvard Law Bulletin – Cambridge,MA,USA
A group of Harvard Law School students announced their support for Barack Obama ’91 last week at an event held in Pound Hall to rally support for the Obama

A group of Harvard Law School students announced their support for Barack Obama ’91 last week at an event held in Pound Hall to rally support for the Obama campaign. Students poured into the aisles of the packed classroom to hear what faculty members who knew Obama during his days as a student had to say about the man who has excited so much presidential buzz.

“Barack Obama has the ability to bring together Americans from a wide range of age groups, beliefs, and backgrounds,” said Shahiedah Shabazz ’09, one of the student organizers of Harvard Law Students for Obama and a Chicago native. “He challenges all of us to be a generation of leaders where intelligence and integrity are the norm and not an anomaly, and he stands out as one of the few leaders with such character.”

Support for Barack Obama Surges, According to The Harris Poll
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
A new Harris Poll finds that Senator Barack Obama has increased his support substantially since a previous poll

Senator Obama’s gains since the February poll include:

— Among all adults, 41 percent would now consider voting for him; the same number as would consider voting for Senator Clinton. In February, Clinton led Obama by 45 percent to 37 percent on this question;

— Among Democrats, 59 percent would consider voting for Obama, up from 53 percent in February. This is still below the number of Democrats who would consider voting for Senator Clinton (68%), but her support is down from 74 percent in February;

— Among Independents, people are slightly more likely to consider voting for Obama (42%) than for Clinton (36%). In February Clinton led Obama by 40 percent to 35 percent;

— When it comes to the public’s first choice for president, Clinton still leads Obama by 15 percent to 12 percent among all adults. However, this is down from a 20 percent to 10 percent lead in February;

— Among Democrats, Senator Clinton still has a clear (27% to 21%) lead over Obama as first choice, but this is down from 36 percent to 18 percent in February;

— Among Independents, almost equal numbers prefer Clinton (10%) and Obama (9%). In February Clinton had a two-to-one (16% to 8%) lead.

Clinton and Obama candidacies sign of hope
Daily Kent Stater – OH,USA
If you’ve been awake for the past few months, you know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t only the leading democratic candidates for the ticket,

Our country’s position as the leader of the free world currently stands on unstable ground. We are viewed, perhaps rightfully so, as imperialistic capitalists who will wage war based on faulty and false information.

For me, it’s just encouraging to know that we might be 571 days away from breaking another misplaced and archaic barrier.

Having that milestone president in office will be a tremendous step toward proving what we are capable of as a nation.

Where Barack Obama kneels
GetReligion – Washington,DC,USA
Today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times brings news that Barack Obama was “registered by his family as a Muslim at both of the schools he attended” in

I know that much more reporting on Obama’s church is inevitable. As Wright said to Kim Lawton in what sounded like a tone of experienced resignation, “You think it’s ugly now. It’s going to get worse. It’s going to get much worse.”

Evaluation, or criticism, of Jeremiah Wright’s theology is not in itself ugliness. Wright is a gadfly, and that’s bound to attract journalistic and political curiosity. Still, the decision about where to attend church always depends on the pastoral realities of a city, a denomination and a congregation.

Barack Obama made a conscious decision to become a Christian while attending Trinity United Church of Christ. For Christians and others who are inclined to vote for him anyway, that probably will be enough reason to allow Jeremiah Wright his political, social and theological hobby horses and not to assume that Obama predictably rides alongside him.

Why I’m Voting for Obama — Young Blacks Connect to Barack
New California Media – San Francisco,CA,USA
Editor’s Note: While Barack Obama’s popularity surges, he is being attacked by African American leaders like Al Sharpton for not representing the community.

In 2008, when voting time swings around I’m gonna put on my ‘Vote or Sit on the Couch and Watch Jeopardy’ t-shirt and I’m gonna to try to help make history. It’s a very exciting time for black people. And black males specifically because we don’t always get credit for the good we do like heart transplants, creating potato chips and maybe soon being the president of the United States.

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama – IAFF Meeting
Business Wire (press release) – San Francisco,CA,USA
WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Look at all of you, Brothers and Sisters—I’m truly fired up today. This is a hall filled with heroes.

Its time to find an end to this war. Its time to refocus on the wider struggle against terror and restore our standing in the world. And you can help. Thanks to your emails and your letters and your support, we now have more than 60 members of Congress Democrat and Republican supporting our plan. And if you keep it up, we can get more. We can pass this plan and send a message even George Bush cant ignore.

So when those voices start sounding the alarm that we cant change Washington and its ways and start engaging in a serious debate about the serious times we face, just say those three words that have made America what it is today: Yes we can.

When people say that we cant take care of your Brothers and Sisters when they get sick from breathing in too much soot and smoke, we say, Yes we can. When they say that we cant finally buy the radios you need to talk to one another in case of an emergency, we say, Yes we can.

When they say that we cant bring your Brothers and Sisters home from Iraq so they can do the job they love back home, we say, Yes we can. Thank you.